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The twelve reasons for making a Will are the twelve ways in which your estate or your loved ones could be disadvantaged should you die intestate (without a Will).

  1. You will have no say in how your property and possessions are divided.

  2. There could be a considerable delay in sorting out your estate since application would have to be made to a court for powers to administer your estate (Letters of Administration).

  3. Should the court decide that any of your assets should be placed in trust, there will be restrictions placed on the types of investment of widows and children.

  4. There would be no guardians appointed for your children.

  5. Illegitimate children are entitled to claim on their parent's estate.

  6. An unmarried partner is unlikely to receive anything.

  7. No provision would be made for step-children.

  8. No provision would be made for any other dependant, e.g. an aged relative.

  9. Family arguments could arise over the right to administer your affairs.

  10. Creditors could apply for the right to administer your estate.

  11. A partner from whom you are separated but not divorced could still be entitled to the spouse's share of your estate.

  12. You would not have the opportunity to make gifts to any Charities you may support.
Make A Will

Making A Will Protects Your Dependants
Nobody knows what the future holds. when you are enjoying life with people you love, it may be hard to think ahead.

Show You Care For Those Who Care About You
If you wish to ensure that your loved ones are
properly provided for, Trust Wills provide a
confidential service in the privacy of your own
home, take your instructions and produce a fully
legally binding Will.

Protect Your Family - Leave Nothing To Chance
A Will covers many vital issues - gifts of money
and property and, above all who you wish to be
guardians of your children as they could end up in
the care of the local authority, contrary to your
personal wishes. With a properly written Protective
Property Trust Will you can help to ensure that your
property will pass to your children.

Nursing Homes - Who Will Pay For Your Care?
Having worked hard all your life to pay your
mortgage and keep your house, does it seem fair
that it can then be sold to pay for Long Term Care? Trust Wills can include a trust in your joint Wills ensuring that your beneficiaries will receive as much as possible from your estate.

Lasting Power of Attorney

The value of your estate depends on the care with which your affairs are handled during your lifetime but what happens if you are incapable of handling your affairs either through physical or mental incapacity? with a Lasting Power of Attorney from Trust Wills you can appoint those people who you would wish to act on your behalf.

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